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01 Aug 2013

Raycom Media Continues Negotiating With DISH Network

Since 1996 Raycom Media has been committed to serving viewers with local news and weather, popular network programming, and local community service. At the same time; serving the local business community by providing a critical advertising platform for reaching their customers.

In order to be delivered into the homes of viewers, agreements are needed with the cable and satellite companies that serve our markets. Agreements are in place with nearly every distributor in our markets, but to date DISH Network has refused to enter into an agreement with us. For several months, Raycom Media, has been working with DISH Network to resolve this issue, so that DISH Network may continue to lawfully provide that signal to their viewers.

Because we do not have a new agreement in place, Raycom Media stations are not available to DISH Network customers after July 31st.

According to Raycom Media President and CEO Paul McTear, “We understand this is frustrating for DISH Network customers, we share their frustration, and we are committed to doing everything we can to resolve this issue”.

In the meantime, Raycom Media stations are making an effort to keep customers informed of the situation using their websites, PSAs on TV, press releases to local papers, and social media, to make sure viewers know they have choices. Raycom Media stations are available on all other TV providers in the area and are available for free over the air. Local newscasts are also streamed live to computers and mobile devices through their news and weather apps.

Raycom Media will provide updates as the situation evolves.