Wilmington, North Carolina

Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 130
General Manager: Gary McNair

WECT-TV is the Cape Fear region's highest rated television station. The station signed on in 1954, in Wilmington, NC. Once the pioneer in bringing the marvels of a young medium to the Carolina coast, WECT continues to captivate viewers with innovative network and local programming that combines the power and identity of NBC with WECT's tradition of community involvement and its presentation of the region's top rated newscasts.

Viewers rely on WECT News and NBC News for the information to succeed in a fast-paced, complicated world. The station broadcasts four hours of live newscasts every weekday. WECT really is Where News Comes First.

It adds up to a high credibility, quality environment for advertisers. WECT has an unparalleled commitment to helping advertisers achieve their sales and marketing goals through the unmatched impact of television. WECT Commercial Production uses the latest on-line editing and graphics units to produce effective advertisements.

WECT was one of four television stations in the country selected to go FIRST in the early transition to digital.

WECT-TV associates America's leading network television brand with Wilmington's leading local television brand. It is a combination that will build through the changes in tomorrow's media world.