Birmingham, AL Affiliate: FOX DMA: 44 wbrc.com

Welcome to Birmingham, Alabama, the South’s one and only Magic City, and home to one of Raycom’s most powerful television stations, WBRC FOX6 News.  Want to work for a winner? Look no further. Decades of dominance – nearly 70 years in all – started back in 1949. WBRC originated first in 1928 as a radio station, until the owners decided to invest in television on July 4th, 1949. To say that was a smart investment would be an understatement.

That investment lead to the creation of one of the strongest stations in the southeast, if not the country. It’s also one of the few that can say it was once an affiliate for all four major broadcasting networks. What started as an NBC affiliate eventually shifted to CBS, then ABC, and finally, in 1994, FOX. WBRC was eventually purchased by Raycom Media in 2009.

So what does that investment look like today? 60 hours of news per week. More viewers than any other station from sunup to sundown.  Millions of impressions every week on wbrc.com, and the WBRC news and weather apps. The first to launch an over-the-top streaming service on Roku and Amazon Fire. If that’s not impressive enough, look at what WBRC FOX6 News is doing on social media. The most liked, followed, and engaging broadcast news team across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

That small investment back in 1949 has turned into one of Alabama’s most powerful voices in news, weather and entertainment. That investment, with all of its history, is still making history today.