Charlotte, NC Affiliate: CBS DMA: 23 wbtv.com

WBTV serves Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding communities within the country’s 23rd largest DMA. The station creates more than 60 hours of local television programming each week, plus more news, weather, sports and lifestyle content across multiple platforms.  It’s the local CBS affiliate, licensed in Charlotte and broadcasting on analog channel 3 and digital channel 23.

Audiences say it’s their most trustworthy source of news and information, which is understandable since WBTV began broadcasting in 1949 as the Carolinas’ first television station.  The station has earned a reputation for innovation throughout the decades. It was the first to show a live network program (a football game between Notre Dame and North Carolina), the first to use videotape, the first to air a local live color program, the first to mount a live camera in a NASCAR stock car, the first to broadcast in stereo sound and the first to debut closed captioning on nightly newscasts.