Evansville, IN Affiliate: NBC DMA: 103

14 WFIE celebrated its 60th Anniversary on November 15, 2013. WFIE began broadcasting on November 15, 1953, operating on Channel 62 and was the first television station broadcasting in Evansville. This fact is reflected in Channel 14’s call letters: We’re First In Evansville.

The actual test pattern switch-on occurred on November 9, 1953. The station was owned by Premiere Theaters, Inc. of Evansville, and was the sixth television station in Indiana to go on the air.

On August 27, 1956, WFIE-TV was purchased by WAVE, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky. WFIE-TV was the first station in Evansville to telecast color programs. The first transmission of network color was carried on June 11, 1956. WFIE-TV was also the first station in Evansville to have local, live, color programs beginning March 10,1966, and the second station in Indiana to switch over completely to color programming. In 1968 WFIE-TV was the first station to process, in house, local color 16-millimeter news film.

In August of 1977, WFIE-TV had yet another first for Evansville television with the broadcast of local, live news, weather and sports coverage originating from outside the station. This was made possible by the purchase of an ENG camera, van and related technical and electrical microwave equipment. It was named Live Eye 14 and remains so today.

On September 3, 1977, WFIE-TV increased its tower height and power output dramatically. A one- thousand-foot tower was erected on a site near Henderson, Kentucky, known as Wolf Hills, the highest point in Henderson County. The power was increased from two hundred thousand watts to over two million watts of effective radiated power.

In September of 1985, WFIE-TV had yet another first in Evansville with the broadcast of stereo audio. Additions of special stereo generators, audio distributors and extensive modifications to the Wolf Hills transmitter made this possible.

Another first, In February of 1988, WFIE-TV installed its own Doppler radar transmitter/receiver and antenna system. The radar antenna is located on the studio tower at Mt. Auburn Rd.

In May 2002, 14 WFIE began broadcasting a digital signal on DT 46.