Dade Honored for Tornado Coverage

On Friday, February 16, 2018, KFVS12 Chief Meteorologist Grant Dade was honored by the residents of Perry County, Missouri along with the Missouri State Legislature.

Missouri State Representative Rick Francis presented Grant with a special resolution adopted on the floor of the capitol in Jefferson City. The resolution honored Grant for saving lives during the Perryville tornado on February 28, 2017.  Rep. Francis presented Grant with the plaque in Perryville at the site of homes that were destroyed and have now been rebuilt. Grant got to meet and talk with some of the people his weather forecasting saved.

Just after 8:00 p.m. that night an EF4 tornado crossed Interstate 55 and ripped into the town of Perryville.  The tornado was more than a half mile wide, and stayed on the ground for 50 miles. Approximately 40 homes were destroyed. More than a hundred more were heavily damaged. One motorist lost his life when the tornado crossed Interstate 55. There were no other fatalities from any of the damaged homes.

Grant and the First Alert Weather Team began sustaining coverage at 6:00 p.m. and stayed on the air non-stop until 7:00 a.m. the following morning, keeping viewers safe with life-saving information.

“February 28th 2017 is a night I will never forget. The destruction we witnessed was extreme. But what is amazing is the spirit and the resilience from the residents of Perryville,” said Grant. “So many people came to help rebuild and a year later, houses that were leveled are standing again. You refused to let the strongest tornado in the United States in 2017 break your spirit.”